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  • Retention Drill 1

    John demonstrates the first drill in our Retention Series.

  • Retention Drill Introduction

    John prepares us this week for the Retention Drills we will be working through the rest of our Retention Series. Forget the "Instagram Sexiness", let's be smart and apply some real, good training for the average person!

  • Retention Knife First

    Which would you draw first: The gun or the the knife?

  • Retention Experience

    Let’s talk about my personal experience with Retention during my career. In the weeks to come we will begin training: 1% or less of a situation you may find yourself in, but you should be doing the 99% of proper training for.

  • Retention Philosophy

    We are diving into a new series beginning this week! Let's talk about Retention Shooting over the next month: Knowing when it's appropriate, train it appropriately, and know when it is not appropriate. You can't miss fast enough to save your life!