John "Shrek" McPhee shares his experiences from his military career, his training on the range, and general rules for living.

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  • Special Operations Support

    Many folks want to be the Operator but support personnel are best at what they do.

  • When to Pull the Gun

    When do you pull a gun in an altercation?

  • Armed IRS

    This is what I think about the IRS being armed. What do you think?

  • First Hit in Iraq

    Storytime! Here is how my first hit went down in Iraq. It was a Suddam look alike party.

  • Armed Society

    Where do we take society? Do we mimic what we see overseas to protect the public?

  • Sand Babies - Special Forces Assessment & Selection

    Who would have thought? I'm an expert sand bag maker! I have a story telling you why!

  • The Layover Story

    Shrek tells a story of one of his first trips to Iraq. This one is one he has never told.

  • Nothing Techinique

    The nothing technique... extreme complex ability to manage a situation by doing absolutely nothing. Listen and learn!

  • Communication

    The most common leadership trait that leads to the most issues, communication.

  • Bad Leadership Trigger

    John breaks down one of his triggers when it comes to a Bad Leadership trait.

  • Protection & Cover

    John breaks down why it is important to use common sense when faced with a situation. Don't believe everything you see on the Internet. Where should you go and what should you do if you were to be shot at in your home?

  • Durable Concealment

    Where is the best place to be in your home if under distress? Where do the bullets travel? Which walls are the best to be behind for cover. During our Members event this year, we demonstrated the difference between traditional American interior walls.

  • Making Mistakes

    With experience on and off the carpet, John explains the importance and how to handle mistakes.

  • Discipline

    How strong is your discipline? John gives examples from his career where losing your cool can lead to mission failure!

  • Taliban Town Hall

    John takes on a town hall with some members to discuss Afghanistan and answer questions.

  • Pistol or Rifle

    Given distance and time, what can you grab first and is it effective?

  • Lessons from Tora Bora

    John throws it back and shares one of his experiences from his military career and Tora Bora.

  • Comfort Zone

    Do you only work in your "comfort zone?" This is something you may want to think about.

  • Best Follower

    "Sometimes to be the best leader, it requires to be the best follower."

  • The Marine Base

    John shares a battlefield experience that involves how selfless our military really is.

  • Lead By Example

    John discusses leading by example during his career.

  • Strength VS. Technique

    Your grip strength vs. technique. John breaks it down.

  • Structure Your Training

    How to structure your training on the range.

  • Speed Vs. Accuracy

    Do speed and accuracy go hand in hand? John breaks down what efficiency looks like.