John "Shrek" McPhee reviews some of his kit and breaks down the various uses.

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  • Suppressed Glock - Placement Test

    Let's see how it performs; new barrel, suppressed Glock.

  • Suppressed Glock

    Check this out! I'm excited to test not only this suppressor but some limited recoil ammunition in this new barrel.

  • Plastic Target Stands

    Let's see how they are holding up and what I think of these plastic target stands so far.

  • Painting Sites

    Here is a trick I've done to get the shots where they should be. The key is removing distraction.

  • Subsonic Ammunition

    How much louder is this subsonic ammo?

  • Rear Site Overhang

    Check out the overhang on this Glock. Trust me, it's going to be ok. Lets take a look.

  • Palmetto Dagger EDC Update

    Looks like Smith and Wesson, feels like a Glock but it's a Palmetto? What can I do to it? How can I make it better?

  • Palmetto Dagger EDC Review

    Looks like Smith and Wesson, feels like a Glock but it's a Palmetto? Check this out?

  • New Target Stand

    Check it out! This is going to save a ton of weight and not to mention, splinters.

  • Subsonic Ammo Decibel Testing

    John breaks down 3 different ammo types in a decibel test. Which one is best for indoors?

  • Nov X Bullets

    I break down the benefits and limitation of Nov X bullets. I think a placement test is in order.

  • Changing Sights G34

    Changing sights isn't very challenging. We take a look at the Dawson Sights for this Glock G34.


    Breaking down the benefits again with my next HYPERLITE RIFLE with a scope.

  • Laser & Flood Review

    Free gear review of some lightweight IR and flood lights I'm testing for the ultralight AR15.


    During our 2021 Members event, Shrek demonstrated the effects of bullets against AR500 plate.

  • Shield Arms Mag Release

    The saga has ended! John explains what is going with the Shield Arms magazines.

  • Shield Arms Spring

    John explains how he runs his "EDC" G48 with the legacy Shield Arms magazine and a Glock spring.

  • Ultralight Review

    John breaks out one of his favorites and discusses with the members why and the benefits of this ultralight 14in AR-15.

  • Dry Fire Gear

    John shows some great items for dry fire practice! Take the time, save the ammo!


    John explains how and what he sets up on his Glock G48.

  • The Ultra Lite GFU

    John describes his Ultra Lite and the lower the members gave him.

  • Big Flame

    John opens his arsenal again and shows off the "Big Flame" great for pictures not very practical.

  • John's CZ Scorpion

    John tells you why he likes the CZ Scorpion.

  • The PEWter

    In this video, we take a look at a highly functional and affordable 10 inch pistol brace gun with a pewter finish. This gun is designed to give you a longer and more comfortable shooting experience. It features a 556 AR with a muzzle brake and adjustable gas block, allowing you to shoot suppresse...