This module contains videos with information about the fundamentals of marksmanship. Stance, grip, and presentation.

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  • Better Habits = Better Shooting

    When we step up to the line to shoot, why do we automatically do the same things every single time? Muscle memory? Not exactly. From the way you stand to how you aim, there is a habit for everything the brain has to do to replicate even one shot. In this video, John "Shrek" McPhee will explain wh...

  • Grip Overview

    This week, we're bringing it back to the basics. Before you can shoot with precision and confidence, it's crucial to master the fundamentals – starting with your grip.

    A proper grip is the foundation of effective shooting. It ensures stability, control, and accuracy. In our latest tips and trick...

  • Grip - Two Dots

    Line up the dots, they should touch!

  • Grip 1-10

    Here we go, starting with Grip and going through the steps. Are you ready?

  • Neutral Grip

    Continuing the series on the grip. This week we are breaking down Neutral Grip.

  • Grip Push Pull

    Push, pull… this is another aspect of proper grip. Check it out!

  • Grip Cross

    Check the cross, maintain grip!

  • Grip All Together

    Wrapping up the grip series, here it is all together.

  • Stance - Shoulders

    We are continuing to break down the proper stance this week with shoulders.

  • Stance - Hips

    We are continuing the series on the shooting stance. This week we are breaking down the hips.

  • Stance - Feet

    Breaking down stance, let's start with the feet!

  • Stance - Genetic Parallax

    Here we go! Breaking down the stance with the Genetic Parallax!

  • Stance - Mobility

    We have to be mobile! Here is the breakdown.

  • Stance Down & Dirty Main Video

    John breaks down Stance, down & dirty. Get on the range and check it out when you need it.

  • Southpaw Spotlight: Lefty Grip Analysis

    Step into the world of left-handed shooters as John "Shrek" McPhee conducts a thorough analysis of a student's grip in our latest video. Dive deep into the mechanics of the lefty grip as Shrek dissects every detail using advanced video analysis techniques. Whether you're a seasoned southpaw or ju...