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Pie Chart Garbage



  • Don't Quit

    Struggling to keep your New Year's Resolution, achieve goals, or simply get out of bed each day? In this motivational video, John "Shrek" McPhee answers the "How do I ..." question he often gets and offers his thoughts on what it takes to accomplish anything you set out to do in life. This is the...

  • Target Modification

    How do you improve an already great product used for target practice? Cut it in half! That's right. In today's video, John "Shrek" McPhee will show you how he created the new & improved 'half' plastic target so you can do the same at home. It's lightweight and takes up less space. By the end of t...

  • Sticker Stories

    What do the SOB Tactical stickers mean? There is a meaning and a reason behind each of them. Although they are funny, they are very useful and compliment shooting habits found in every class.