The newest and most current noteworthy videos.

  • The Layover Story

    Shrek tells a story of one of his first trips to Iraq. This one is one he has never told.

  • Nothing Techinique

    The nothing technique... extreme complex ability to manage a situation by doing absolutely nothing. Listen and learn!

  • Booze N' Views #84

    Another installment of Booze N' Views! We are talking about the Capitol fiasco and the "trauma."

  • Booze N’ Views #85

    Viagra and being sick, how do they go hand-in-hand?


    Breaking down the benefits again with my next HYPERLITE RIFLE with a scope.

  • Laser & Flood Review

    Free gear review of some lightweight IR and flood lights I'm testing for the ultralight AR15.

  • Booze N' Views #83

    The Rolling Stones is loving that "D" word this year. Yet again in another article, what for this time?

  • Communication

    The most common leadership trait that leads to the most issues, communication.

  • Bad Leadership Trigger

    John breaks down one of his triggers when it comes to a Bad Leadership trait.

  • Booze N' Views #82

    My yearly pilgrimage to Arlington. Lay wreaths around Christmas time.

  • Booze N' Views #81

    Why is 12 Days of Giving so important to us? Because giving back truly feels good to do!


    During our 2021 Members event, Shrek demonstrated the effects of bullets against AR500 plate.

  • Booze N' Views #80

    Talking about Mark Esper, the former Secretary of Defense tonight and who and why he is suing. Something that I don't understand, privilege. Let's talk about this...

  • Booze N' Views #79

    In this episode, we discuss Alec Baldwin and the debacle of the movie industry. We also jump into some Chocolate Cherry, Ole Smokey moonshine that was given by some students. "Go easy on them cherries!"

    I also bring up my past experience discussing who took the shot. There is no doubt you brok...

  • Protection & Cover

    John breaks down why it is important to use common sense when faced with a situation. Don't believe everything you see on the Internet. Where should you go and what should you do if you were to be shot at in your home?


    Another installment of "AT THE MOVIES" where my opinions and critiques come together. This time, we take a look at one of the best movies, "The Departed," with Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Durable Concealment

    Where is the best place to be in your home if under distress? Where do the bullets travel? Which walls are the best to be behind for cover. During our Members event this year, we demonstrated the difference between traditional American interior walls.