The newest and most current noteworthy videos.

  • Historical Zero

    Look, historical zero is essential! Take the time and do it while you shoot over time. The gun won't change, but you do.

  • Standing Kneeling Prone Close-Out

    Closing out the drill, Standing, Kneeling, Prone -- Here are the major takeaways.

  • Standing Kneeling Prone - Scoring

    This is how you score it. Keep practicing, and let me know how I can help.

  • Standing Kneeling Prone

    Breaking down the standing, kneeling, and prone drill at the rifle range. This is a technique I regularly use when zeroing a rifle.

  • Zeroing Philosophy

    Do you know what the beaten zone is? Here's my take on zeroing while shooting: standing, kneeling, and prone.

  • Special Operations Support

    Many folks want to be the Operator but support personnel are best at what they do.

  • Dickens Drill

    A new drill made its way across the world of social media. If you surf any of the standard gun pages, you are likely to find mention of the Dickens Drill. It’s captured the minds of gun owners because recently a man named Eli Dickens killed an active shooter. Within 10 seconds of a cowardly littl...

  • Booze N Views #111

    The experience of childbirth isn’t just for women anymore, and I’m not just talking about simulating contractions! 😳

  • When to Pull the Gun

    When do you pull a gun in an altercation?

  • Armed IRS

    This is what I think about the IRS being armed. What do you think?

  • First Hit in Iraq

    Storytime! Here is how my first hit went down in Iraq. It was a Suddam look alike party.