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  • Aim Small, Miss Small: John Talks Targets & Cardboard

    Hey, Members! What does cardboard have to do with it? Turns out, everything! In this video, you will see how a funny mistake involving cardboard turned into a huge revelation for John "Shrek" McPhee. No, we're not talking about recycling...we're talking about targets and not missing. John explain...

  • SOB Rifle B-Sling

    When time is not on your side, make sure the SOB Tactical B-Sling with "Quick to Shoot" (Q2S™) technology is. In this video, John "Shrek" McPhee will give you the inside scoop on why he created the B-Sling rifle accessory and the inspiration behind the Q2S™ technology. He will also teach you, ste...

  • SOB Condom Holster Fitting

    Does your GLOCK fit into its condom holster too loose, too tight, or just right? In this video, John "Shrek" McPhee will show you how to safely determine the answer plus give you detailed tips on how to achieve the perfect fit so your GLOCK is ready when you are. The SOB Condom Holster...making t...

  • SOB Condom Holster

    Check it out members...This is the only holster you need and the only one I use. Lets talk through it. Then I'll show you how to fit it properly. By the end of the video, you will see why the SOB Condom Holster is making tight great again.

  • Hot or Not

    Want to play a game? How about HOT or NOT? I mean, how do you carry? The debate is, do you carry one in the chamber or not?

  • Maintain Situational Awareness

    It's a crazy world out there. Be sure you remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings. I just had an experience of my own while on the road.

  • Jujitsu Return

    I've decided to make a return to Jujitsu. Check out this throwback. I hope this motivates members to join in on your own journey.

  • Yemen Drill: Stitch Em Up

    Join us for the latest installment of the Yemen Drill series, where we're taking things up a notch with Yemen Drill Stitch Em Up! Get ready for a challenging twist on the familiar drill. Will you rise to the occasion and compete? Tune in now and test your skills!

  • Female Shooters

    Let me do the talking! Don't train your family, let me do it!

  • NRA Show

    May! Be there or be square! You might encounter a new champion of combat musical chairs.

  • Canteen vs Camelbak

    You like using a Camelbak? How about a traditional Canteen? Here is why i prefer one over the other.

  • Vickers Glock

    A buddy gave me a Vickers Glock, this gun stacks bullets! However, I have some feelings about this gift.

  • Yemen Drill Challenge: Show Your Skills and Win Prizes!

    Check it out members! Practice and record your Yemen drill. Send me the numbers and win some shit! I’m looking forward to seeing what you got.

  • Plastic Ammo Case Review

    Check out the plastic Ammo Case! This is a game changer.

  • Good Bad & Fu*ked Up -Shot GoPro

    What happed to GoPro? You guessed it, I shot the MF'R!

  • Good Bad & Fu*ked Up - Pocket Pro

    Trials and tribulations with the Pocket Pro... Here is why it's Good, Bad and F'd up!

  • Good Bad & Fu*ked Up - Oakley Glasses

    🕶️ Oakley glasses - the unsung heroes of my truck! Curious to hear the full story? 🚚💪

  • Concealed Carry - Extra Magazine

    Join John "Shrek" McPhee, a former Delta Force operator and expert firearms instructor, as he shares essential techniques for concealing an extra magazine. In this video, McPhee combines his Delta Force experience with practical tips, demonstrating various concealment methods that prioritize safe...

  • Concealed Carry - Hip Concealed

    In this detailed tutorial, we dive deep into the art of concealed carry from the hip. Whether you're a seasoned carrier or new to the concept, this video is tailored to enhance your skills and safety.

    What You'll Learn:

    Fundamentals of Hip Concealment: Understand the basics of concealed carry f...

  • CQB Center Fed Room

    Prepare for an intensive, knowledge-packed session with one of the tactical community's living legends, John 'Shrek' McPhee (a.k.a. The Sheriff of Baghdad). In this detailed breakdown, we're delving deep into the dynamics of close-quarters battle (CQB), focusing on one of the most challenging sce...

  • CQB: Is A Solo Approach Possible?

    John gives it to you straight! What do you do when you’re not in a stack? Single man CQB, here ya go!

  • CQB Number One Man

    In this intense tactical training video, we dive deep into the world of Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and the critical role of the "number one man." Join us on this educational journey as we break down the essential principles and strategies that every number one man should master in the world of C...

  • CQB The Rabbit

    In the intense world of Close Quarters Battle (CQB), leadership and expertise are paramount. Join us in this informative video featuring none other than John "Shrek" McPhee, as we explore the pivotal role of "The Rabbit" in leading the CQB stack with precision.

    In this exclusive tutorial, John "...

  • CQB - Strongwall

    Strongwall, it's a technique, but is it the best for CQB?

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