"The Start Point" John explains the philosophy behind his extensive experience and the expectations from your membership.

  • Glock Break-in Process

    Break-in process for the new Glock. This is how I do it and what I recommend.

  • Zero Technique 2

    We are looking at the zero again with the new sights! We are locking it in for those 300-yard shots~

  • Pistol Zero Technique

    Here is how I've always done my zero. This is one of the reasons I always shot better than everyone else.

  • Welcome to SOB TV

    We are happy to have you here. Welcome to a tight knit community that offers stellar firearms training. We are here for you and hope you enjoy the video content as well as one-on-one video diagnostics.

  • Introduction

    John provides an introduction to new members and explains his philosophy behind training and the importance of video diagnostics.

  • No One Has Bad Intent

    John explains how knowledge is passed from others and his thought that "no one has bad intent."

  • Training vs Validation

    John explains the differences between "being validated" and receiving "training."

  • Ego

    John provides a quick explanation of how ego can limit or hinder training.

  • Experience

    Choosing an instructor is a process that should include a portion of how they can make you better.

  • Standards

    John explains the importance of not only training to a standard, but training beyond. Standards are set to be the introduction and the low water mark.

  • Neuroscience

    John explains how the brain trains and how students can take advantage of best practices.

  • Dressing for the Range

    As part of the SOB beginner series, Shrek breaks down what you should wear to the range.

  • Eyes and Ears

    Safety is the number one rule on the range. With that, having proper protection essential.

  • Gun Sizing

    John shows how to choose a the right size gun for your hand.

  • Holsters Belts and Magpouches

    It all begins with the basics. John continues on what it takes to begin your shooting career.

  • Items to Start

    As part of the new shooter series, John breaks down some of the items needed to start training.

  • Nice to Have Items

    New to training with SOB? Here are some helpful items to have that will assist with your training!

  • Show Me Clear

    John expands on his introduction series with a very important step of gun ownership, "show me clear"

  • Loading and Unloading

    Start your training the right way. John explains the basics of loading and unloading.

  • Alternative Loading and Unloading

    Yes - there is another way to load and unload, John breaks it down!

  • Press Check

    Step by step process, Shrek demonstrates and explains the importance of a press check.

  • Range Rules & Laws

    John states and makes sense of the typical range rules and laws.