"The Start Point" John explains the philosophy behind his extensive experience and the expectations from your membership.

  • Female Shooters

    Let me do the talking! Don't train your family, let me do it!

  • Homework

    Whether you're in one of my classes or working with me online, the key to success is consistent practice. My generic homework for any technique I teach you is simple. Start with one repetition a day and continue until it becomes easy. Then move on to three repetitions a day, never exceeding three...

  • Fixed Sites - 25-Yard Bull Target

    There are several benefits to using a pistol with fixed sights:

    Durability: Fixed sights are typically more durable than adjustable sights because they have fewer moving parts. This makes them less prone to failure, especially in adverse conditions such as extreme temperatures or exposure to wat...

  • Weapon Mounted Lights

    A weapon-mounted light is a type of flashlight that is attached to a firearm, such as a rifle or a handgun. This allows the user to illuminate their target in low light conditions, making it easier to aim and shoot accurately.

    Having a weapon-mounted light is important for several reasons. First...

  • Historical Zero

    Look, historical zero is essential! Take the time and do it while you shoot over time. The gun won't change, but you do.

  • Standing Kneeling Prone Close-Out

    Closing out the drill, Standing, Kneeling, Prone -- Here are the major takeaways.

  • Standing Kneeling Prone - Scoring

    This is how you score it. Keep practicing, and let me know how I can help.

  • Zeroing Philosophy

    Do you know what the beaten zone is? Here's my take on zeroing while shooting: standing, kneeling, and prone.

  • Break-in Process - 25 Yard Placement Test

    We are continuing to break in the new Glock. This is how I take the following steps.

  • Glock Break-in Process

    Break-in process for the new Glock. This is how I do it and what I recommend.

  • Zero Technique 2

    We are looking at the zero again with the new sights! We are locking it in for those 300-yard shots~

  • Pistol Zero Technique

    Here is how I've always done my zero. This is one of the reasons I always shot better than everyone else.

  • Welcome to SOB TV

    We are happy to have you here. Welcome to a tight knit community that offers stellar firearms training. We are here for you and hope you enjoy the video content as well as one-on-one video diagnostics.

  • Introduction

    John provides an introduction to new members and explains his philosophy behind training and the importance of video diagnostics.

  • No One Has Bad Intent

    John explains how knowledge is passed from others and his thought that "no one has bad intent."

  • Training vs Validation

    John explains the differences between "being validated" and receiving "training."

  • Ego

    John provides a quick explanation of how ego can limit or hinder training.

  • Experience

    Choosing an instructor is a process that should include a portion of how they can make you better.

  • Standards

    John explains the importance of not only training to a standard, but training beyond. Standards are set to be the introduction and the low water mark.

  • Neuroscience

    John explains how the brain trains and how students can take advantage of best practices.

  • Dressing for the Range

    As part of the SOB beginner series, Shrek breaks down what you should wear to the range.

  • Eyes and Ears

    Safety is the number one rule on the range. With that, having proper protection essential.

  • Gun Sizing

    John shows how to choose a the right size gun for your hand.

  • Holsters Belts and Magpouches

    It all begins with the basics. John continues on what it takes to begin your shooting career.