Lecture series from John “Shrek” McPhee about defending your home.

  • Maintain Situational Awareness

    It's a crazy world out there. Be sure you remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings. I just had an experience of my own while on the road.

  • Intro - Home Defense

    Lecture series from John “Shrek” McPhee about defending your home.

  • Home Defense

    John discusses discusses strategies in protecting your home and property.

  • Enhancing Home Security: John Explores Early Warning Systems

    In this insightful video, security expert John delves into the crucial topic of early warning features beyond the confines of your home. From motion sensors to smart surveillance systems, John explores the latest technologies and strategies designed to provide homeowners with advanced notice of p...

  • Home Defense Motion Sensors

    Diving back into Home Defense this week as I discuss the benefits of Motion Sensors. What have you done to further protect your home and family?

  • Motion Sensor Update

    Shrek provides further guidance on the motion sensors he installed around his home. The sensors have performed in every way advertised but there is one thing that will improve reliability.

  • Fencing

    Obstacles on the outside of your home helps to deter crime. This week I discuss the benefits and features of good fencing.

  • Kidnapping

    As we continue Home Defense, John talks us through the risks of sending one last email from your driveway.

  • Looters And Rioters

    Protecting the outside of your home from looters and rioters.

  • Inside Security

    In this video John "Shrek" McPhee describes the inside of the home security layers.

  • Outside Security

    In this video John "Shrek" McPhee details how to protect your home from the outside.

  • Strong Pointing Your Home

    John "Shrek" McPhee talks about strong points and how to defend from inside your home.

  • Lighting and All the Lumens

    John "Shrek" McPhee discusses lighting in the home and the argument of "all of the lumens."

  • Nightly Routine

    Tips from John "Shrek" McPhee about nightly routine and gun safety at night.