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The Illusion of Cover: Shooting Through Vehicles | SOB TV Season 9

TRAINING • 5m 54s


  • John "Shrek" McPhee's Coaching Philos...

    Want to hit 10 out of 10 at the range? Add a little neuroscience knowledge to your training. Yep, neuroscience. In this video, John “Shrek” McPhee shares his coaching philosophy and how neuroscience (think habits) plays a key role. Don’t worry; this isn’t a complex training video. No need for pen...

  • Safety Pro Tip

    "Be safe at the range." "Hold your gun in a safe position." We hear and see these words all of the time, but what do they really mean? In today's video, John "Shrek" McPhee talks safety. He does a deep dive and demonstrates proper gun safety techniques while at the range. Whether you are alone or...

  • Southpaw Spotlight: Lefty Grip Analysis

    Step into the world of left-handed shooters as John "Shrek" McPhee conducts a thorough analysis of a student's grip in our latest video. Dive deep into the mechanics of the lefty grip as Shrek dissects every detail using advanced video analysis techniques. Whether you're a seasoned southpaw or ju...