This is the foundation of all pistol work. You will need to study, practice, and dry fire this skill continuously until you are able to shoot the placement test and pass each time.

  • Live Q&A with John "Shrek" McPhee: Mastering the 3 Step Draw

    Get ready for an interactive deep dive with John "Shrek" McPhee as he takes on your burning questions about the 3 Step Draw in this engaging Q&A session. Whether you're curious about perfecting each step, overcoming common mistakes, or looking to gain expert insights into enhancing your draw spee...

  • 3 STEP DRAW: Video Diagnostic Example 3

    In this video, John "Shrek" McPhee breaks down the three step draw with one of his students. He provides detailed feedback on the steps she did correctly and those that could use improvement along with the reasons why. By including the 'why' portion in his feedback, the student not only learns th...

  • Not Chambered - Three Step Draw

    If you decide to roll without a round in the chamber, it's your choice. You are not wrong or right, but I'm going to show you an easy step to train with your decision.

  • 3 Step Draw with WML

    In this video, we will demonstrate how to fire a pistol with a weapon-mounted light. This technique allows you to quickly and efficiently shoot your firearm in a low-light situation, while also illuminating your target.

    Step 1: Begin by gripping the firearm with your dominant hand, with your thu...

  • 3 STEP DRAW: Overview

    In this video John "Shrek" McPhee demonstrates the three step draw.

  • 3 STEP DRAW: Step 1

    This is Step 1 of the three-step draw from the holster

  • 3 STEP DRAW: Step 2

    This is step 2 of the three step draw

  • 3 STEP DRAW: Step 3

    This is step 3 of the three step draw

  • Mastering the Draw: SOB TV's 3-Step Video Diagnostics

    Embark on a journey of tactical mastery with SOB TV as John "Shrek" McPhee employs cutting-edge video analysis to deconstruct the intricacies of the "Three Step Draw" drill. Witness firsthand as McPhee dissects a live demonstration performed by one of his skilled students, offering unparalleled i...

  • LEFTY 3 STEP DRAW: Pistol Video Diagnostics

    In this video John "Shrek" McPhee uses video diagnostics to analyze a student's "Three Step Draw".