2 Seasons

Here are the reruns of when the SOB was on Trigger Time TV, from 2015- 2018

  • The WHY of Video Diagnostics

    Episode 1

    Why is video diagnostics important to me? What sold me on Coaches Eye and how do I use it on the range?

  • Trigger Jerk Myth

    Episode 2

    Do you know what you're talking about? I'm talking about Trigger Jerk being a MYTH, and here's why!

  • Train The Trainer

    Episode 3

    When am I going to do a "train the trainer?" Let me explain how shooting programs work and why this is difficult.

  • Mastering Your Shooting Stance with Coaches Eye

    Episode 4

    In this insightful episode, John "Shrek" McPhee demonstrates how he uses Coaches Eye in his video diagnostics to coach and perfect your shooting stance. Learn how this powerful tool helps break down every detail, from foot placement to weight distribution, ensuring you build a solid, consistent s...

  • GRIP Video Diagnostics

    Episode 5

    Utilizing Coaches Eye to analyze the most important thing about proper grip.

  • PRESENTATION Video Diagnostics

    Episode 6

    Completing a video diagnostics presentation with an AR15!

  • RELOAD Video Diagnostics

    Episode 7

    Utilizing Coaches Eye to bread down and analyze reloads.


    Episode 8

    What is the most common malfunction on the range? Tap, Rack, Bang!

  • Post Diagnostic Tune-Up

    Episode 9

    How do we put stance, grip, presentation and re-load together after your video coaching?

  • 2 Point Sling

    Episode 10

    A sling is one of the most important components to the rifle. Why? Well, let me tell you! Looking for the best sling on the market? Be sure to check out my B-Sling at

  • Lefty Considerations

    Episode 11

    Discussing left handed considerations when shooting and training on a rifle.

  • Judging Distance

    Episode 12

    How do you judge distance with and without powered optics? Let me teach you what I know!