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Concealed Carry - Extra Magazine



  • Concealed Carry - Hip Concealed

    In this detailed tutorial, we dive deep into the art of concealed carry from the hip. Whether you're a seasoned carrier or new to the concept, this video is tailored to enhance your skills and safety.

    What You'll Learn:

    Fundamentals of Hip Concealment: Understand the basics of concealed carry f...

  • Concealed Carry - Appendix

    Concealed Carry Techniques with John 'Shrek' McPhee: Appendix Carry Explained

    Join John "Shrek" McPhee, a renowned firearms instructor and tactical expert, in this informative video where he demonstrates the art of concealed carrying a pistol in the appendix area. McPhee, with his extensive back...

  • Concealed Carry Philosophy

    Join us in this informative and essential video as John 'Shrek' McPhee, a renowned expert in firearms training, shares invaluable insights on how to prepare for concealed carry during the winter season. With his extensive experience and expertise, Shrek provides practical tips and strategies to e...