Relax and join Shrek for a drink and his opinion on world news.

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  • Booze N' Views #80

    Talking about Mark Esper, the former Secretary of Defense tonight and who and why he is suing. Something that I don't understand, privilege. Let's talk about this...

  • Booze N' Views #79

    In this episode, we discuss Alec Baldwin and the debacle of the movie industry. We also jump into some Chocolate Cherry, Ole Smokey moonshine that was given by some students. "Go easy on them cherries!"

    I also bring up my past experience discussing who took the shot. There is no doubt you brok...

  • Booze N Views #78

    Let's have some authentic Thai alcohol and discuss some crazy news story about a a webcam model.

  • Booze N Views #77

    A Thanksgiving special counting my blessings! Thank you to all who support, follow, watch, shop, train with me!

  • Booze N' Views #76

    Breaking down the news, November 21st 2021!
    You know what we are gonna talk about this time, Rittenhouse!

  • Booze N Views #74

    Many are asking where I have been the last few weeks... I'm back and ready to explain!

  • Taliban Town Hall

    John takes on a town hall with some members to discuss Afghanistan and answer questions.

  • Booze N Views #73

    What has happened in Afghanistan, and why?

    I've been there. Many of you have been there. Now, we watch the chaos unfold in Afghanistan. The rights of those who have helped us, are diminishing quickly. I've got a lot on my mind tonight, hold on tight!

    Check back later this week for a special "T...

  • Booze N Views #72

    Suppression of personal opinions on social media... when does it stop? Just a regular dude drinking out of savage glasses in my kitchen, recording on an iphone, claiming NOT to know everything.

  • Booze N Views #71

    With as much security as they had, how was the Haitian president assassinated? Let's dive a little deeper into this...

  • Booze N Views #70

    He's a tourist, trying to do tourist shit, and he's taking it to space!

  • Booze N Views #68

    Hotel room skinny margaritas are on the menu this week while I'm on the road in Ashland, OR.
    The chatter this week is all around SOCOM and the pill they are testing... It's an enhancement, but for what?

  • Booze N Views #67

    Just got off the road and I am enjoying a little Buffalo Trace in my favorite shot glass. Now, let's get to business!

    A message to the leadership of police departments across the United States: Listen up and take notes. Want specific help for your department? Don't hesitate to reach out!

  • Booze N Views #66

    I'm on the road this week, but there's something on my mind! Let's talk about the Chinese Spy and what I think will happen with him..

    Weigh in on the conversation in the comments, I think this is worth discussing!

  • Booze N' View #65

    Opening this evening with Screwball Whiskey. What's better than Screwball Whiskey? Adding more screwball to it!

    Let's talk about Fauci and the corruption happening before our eyes! Weigh in on the conversation in the comments, I think this is worth discussing!

  • Booze N' View #64

    I bought in to it, but was the fight this weekend real, or just for money? Did you watch it? Why or why not? We'd love to hear your opinion too in the comments section!

  • Booze N' View #63

    Here's a piece of my mind on the Special Forces Officer who was caught spying for the Russians. I'm heated tonight on Booze N Views and after watching this, you may be too!

  • Booze N' View #62

    Discussing the Mayor of my hometown, Chicago!

  • Booze N' View #61

    Iran is the hot topic on Booze N Views this week. Hear me out on where I think Iran is getting their cash. There's a good chance you may agree! 

  • Booze N' View #60

    We talk about the Pentagons decision to weed out Extremists from its ranks.

  • Booze N Views #59

    I am discussing the Navy Seal on CBS last week accused of cashing in. What do I think about this? Tune in now to find out! 

  • Booze N' View #58

    Let’s talk about the Derek Chauvin trial.

  • Booze N' View #57

    It's all in the parmesan cheese as we discuss Hunter Biden this evening. Tip it on back with me and join in on the discussion in the comments. Let's hear your thoughts!