Relax and join Shrek for a drink and his opinion on world news.

  • Booze N Views: #112 Christmas Special

    Why did she do it? Well, because he didn't bring her home her Christmas beer!

  • Booze N Views #111

    The experience of childbirth isn’t just for women anymore, and I’m not just talking about simulating contractions! 😳

  • Booze N Views #110

    Two words: Urban Dictionary.

    It is it's own language and sometimes I wonder who the hell comes up with these terms!

  • Booze N Views #109

    Taco Bell is teaming up with a popular snack company to create a new menu item. The question is, will this relationship work?

  • Booze N Views #108

    If I was going to be doing a bloody buzzard, I would have wanted a t-shirt to go with it! You may too...

  • Booze N Views #107

    Drinking tequila and discussing Spaghetti, is an award-winning combination if you ask me! However, what was in the spaghetti is not something that I would like to admit was in my mouth!

  • Booze N Views #106

    Dude throws a shoe at a roach and gets shot in the foot. And believe it or not, this story is NOT out of Florida!

  • BOOZE N VIEWS #105

    We don’t have any answers, but if we had to speculate, why did she do such a heinous crime? Aunt Linda had her theory…

  • Booze N Views #104

    Ladies and gentlemen, here is your safety brief for this 4th of July weekend. If you’re in trouble call me, BUT, don’t lie to me!

    What else should we add to this list?

  • BOOZE N VIEWS #103

    Drinking out of one of my favorite glasses this evening. This is a classic Michael Myers story right here, a crazy way to die!

  • Booze N Views #102

    It's a little bit of mystery today as a bus driver gets 38 counts of reckless endangerment. It all surrounds a bag of gummy candies...

  • Booze N Views #101

    If I lived in a nudist colony, you're not sitting where my food goes!

    So, how do you get a Team SOB "Pencil"? You have to sign-up in the month of June for an Annual Membership! Enter Code RATCHETGANG and we will send you a "pencil"

  • Booze N Views #100

    Here is your solid advice for the day: Don't do drugs and then do the crime. Do the crime when you're sober so you can make better decisions.

  • Booze N Views #99

    Did you know "sexercise" was a thing? Do you just carry it around and eventually you get stronger? Like a bicep curl, but for your.... yikes!

  • Booze N Views #98

    Our story is coming out of Switzerland today. A man lands himself in the ICU after an aggressive masturbation session. His symptoms are what is the most interesting!

  • Booze N Views #97

    This is breaking news people! Implants for their what??

    The question here is, would you get one? 😂🤣

  • Booze N Views #96

    We are talking about a new Nigerian Policy that is going into effect. Let me just say, I am all on board!

    Tell me though, do you think this is too harsh?

  • Booze N Views #95

    Honestly, there’s a lot of dudes out there that I might mess with, Mike Tyson ain’t one of them! Did the passenger get what her deserved? Weigh in with your opinion!

  • Booze N' Views #94

    I want to know: What the beaver was doing the night before... ?

    Have an interesting article that makes you go "huh" and you want my take on it? Send your submissions to [email protected]! We want to explore all the weird stuff happening around the Globe!

  • Booze N Views #93

    Glacier National Park put up signs that the glaciers will be gone by the year 2020. What year are we on now?

  • Booze N Views #92

    I mean, everyone has a price, right? What would you do for $68?

  • Booze N' Views #91

    Elon Musk is challenging Putin to a duel... Here's how I think it should go down!


    Put this in “things that make you go… huh?!”

    A teacher is lacing cupcakes, but you’re not going to believe with what! It makes my emergen-c and whiskey concoction seem normal!

  • Booze N Views #89

    Maybe more men have experienced this than I think, but this seems stranger than fiction. Is this something a single wool sock could have solved?