Relax and join Shrek for a drink and his opinion on world news.

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  • Booze N Views #98

    Our story is coming out of Switzerland today. A man lands himself in the ICU after an aggressive masturbation session. His symptoms are what is the most interesting!

  • Booze N Views #97

    This is breaking news people! Implants for their what??

    The question here is, would you get one? 😂🤣

  • Booze N Views #96

    We are talking about a new Nigerian Policy that is going into effect. Let me just say, I am all on board!

    Tell me though, do you think this is too harsh?

  • Booze N Views #95

    Honestly, there’s a lot of dudes out there that I might mess with, Mike Tyson ain’t one of them! Did the passenger get what her deserved? Weigh in with your opinion!

  • Booze N' Views #94

    I want to know: What the beaver was doing the night before... ?

    Have an interesting article that makes you go "huh" and you want my take on it? Send your submissions to [email protected]! We want to explore all the weird stuff happening around the Globe!

  • Booze N Views #93

    Glacier National Park put up signs that the glaciers will be gone by the year 2020. What year are we on now?

  • Booze N Views #92

    I mean, everyone has a price, right? What would you do for $68?

  • Booze N' Views #91

    Elon Musk is challenging Putin to a duel... Here's how I think it should go down!


    Put this in “things that make you go… huh?!”

    A teacher is lacing cupcakes, but you’re not going to believe with what! It makes my emergen-c and whiskey concoction seem normal!

  • Booze N Views #89

    Maybe more men have experienced this than I think, but this seems stranger than fiction. Is this something a single wool sock could have solved?

  • Booze N' View #88

    Russia, Ukraine, China, all in the news this week, and this is what I think of that!

  • Booze N Views #87

    Blood Oath #7 and News to wrap up this weekend!

  • Booze N Views #86

    Every level of Army has their faults. The unfortunate mistake can be deadly…

  • Booze N’ Views #85

    Viagra and being sick, how do they go hand-in-hand?

  • Booze N' Views #84

    Another installment of Booze N' Views! We are talking about the Capitol fiasco and the "trauma."

  • Booze N' Views #83

    The Rolling Stones is loving that "D" word this year. Yet again in another article, what for this time?

  • Booze N' Views #82

    My yearly pilgrimage to Arlington. Lay wreaths around Christmas time.

  • Booze N' Views #81

    Why is 12 Days of Giving so important to us? Because giving back truly feels good to do!

  • Booze N' Views #80

    Talking about Mark Esper, the former Secretary of Defense tonight and who and why he is suing. Something that I don't understand, privilege. Let's talk about this...

  • Booze N' Views #79

    In this episode, we discuss Alec Baldwin and the debacle of the movie industry. We also jump into some Chocolate Cherry, Ole Smokey moonshine that was given by some students. "Go easy on them cherries!"

    I also bring up my past experience discussing who took the shot. There is no doubt you brok...

  • Booze N Views #78

    Let's have some authentic Thai alcohol and discuss some crazy news story about a a webcam model.

  • Booze N Views #77

    A Thanksgiving special counting my blessings! Thank you to all who support, follow, watch, shop, train with me!

  • Booze N' Views #76

    Breaking down the news, November 21st 2021!
    You know what we are gonna talk about this time, Rittenhouse!

  • Booze N Views #74

    Many are asking where I have been the last few weeks... I'm back and ready to explain!